DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO) provides a channel for complaints and whistleblowing for anyone who encounters or becomes aware of any action or behavior that
  • violates the law or the policy, rules, code of conduct, and regulations of DTGO;
  • constitutes fraud or corruption or exploitation;
  • involves authority being exercised improperly for personal benefit or for the benefit of others;
  • damages an individual targeted to deter whistleblowing.
Whistleblowing and Complaint System
You can check the status of your complaint here
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Your information will be kept strictly confidential by limiting its disclosure to those responsible for factual investigation. Please complete the form with your name and surname, phone number, and email address. This information can help us investigate your complaint. Investigations will be based on fact and may be impeded by fraudulent and anonymous complaints.
For more information please contact Internal AuditĀ 
+66 02-742 9141 # 3303
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